Megatech stock outperforms the market, while the market turns its attention to Friday’s crucial labor call monthly report

Market Analysis 04 Oct 2021

Megatech stock outperforms the market, while the market turns its attention to Friday’s crucial labor call monthly report.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq marga caps stocks led the gains today and boosted their main net gains by more than 1%. Unlike the S&P 500 benchmark and the Dao Joneses, the Nasadq composite jumped by 1.12% while the two indexes came in flat; the Dow swung up and won and is currently up by 0.02%, and the S&P 500 index rose by 0.12%.

As for individual stock market performance, the technology sector has seen a +/-% gain that includes mega stocks like Amazon, Tesla, Apple, and Nvidia. On the other hand, Alphabet Inc. skyrocketed by more than 3% this morning.

Still, another big news was shared by the owner of Soance X Company: billionaire Elon Musk says that his company will be more valuable now. Several reports indicate that the company will be in talks that might value Elon’s company by $175 billion or more. The company’s penteneil valuation has increased due to a tender offer ranging from $500 million to $750 million, with shares priced at about $95 each. For the valuation itself, its offer ranges from $500 million to $750 million, with shares priced at about $95 each. As for the market valuation, it is not surprising due to the increasing profit margin in the past two quarters for the firm. PaceX’s recent profitability is attributed to soaring revenue, with a profit in the first quarter of this year after two consecutive annual losses. Plus, the company is projected to generate about $9 billion in revenues in 2023, and sales are expected to climb to $15 billion in 2024.

With this new data and other positive data on the tech sector, investors will pay attention to the payrolls report to get a clue about the Fed’s next macro policy move. Broadly speaking, the Nasaqd index has surged by more than 36% this year alone, putting it in a good position by the end of the year. This data only indicates that at least the monetary policy official will pause raising the bank’s key interest rates at the next meeting.

When is next for the market?

Tomorrow morning, investors will focus on the labor market, which includes a crucial monthly employment report. Last week’s data revealed that first-time unemployment claims slightly increased to a seasonally adjusted 220,000, compared to 219,000 the previous week, slightly below the expected 222,000, according to economists.

Continuing claims indicate that the number of individuals receiving benefits after the initial week of aid decreased to 1.861 million, down from 1.925 million for the week ending Nov. 18. Economists, noting seasonal fluctuations, anticipated 1.910 million.

As for the ADP’s payroll data from Wednesday, the data showed that private employers added 103,000 positions in November,compared to market explication. This suggests that the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes might be dampening labor demand. Historically, for the last two years, the tightening policy has been a nightmare for the labor market, and anyone sees that the market will not fully recover until the cycle is finished.

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