Nasdaq rose by 1.9%, driven by strong increases from Inel and Meta, and U.S. regulators are running for their new Base III Endgame bill.


Nasdaq rose by 1.9%, driven by strong increases from Inel and Meta, and U.S. regulators are running for their new Base III Endgame bill.

Looking at the futures market at 14:25 a.m. ET, there were indications of a positive opening for the U.S. stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was projected to rise by 0.64%, while the S&P 500 displayed a more optimistic surge of 1.04%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite showed remarkable strength with a substantial increase of 1.99%, pointing towards potential gains in the technology sector.

In the commodities sector, crude oil prices experienced a marginal decline of 0.4%, settling at $79.80 per barrel. This may be attributed to factors such as global supply dynamics and economic concerns affecting oil demand. On the other hand, gold prices surged by 2.3% to reach $1,991.20 per ounce, likely driven by safe-haven demand amid geopolitical uncertainties.

The cryptocurrency market saw a modest rise in Bitcoin, with the popular digital currency increasing by 0.23% to $29,368. This indicates a relatively stable trading session for the crypto market, with investors keeping a close eye on the developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Elsewhere, in the Asian and European stock markets, the markets had mixed performances. Japan’s market declined by 0.5%, while Hong Kong saw a notable increase of 1.3%. China did exceptionally well, with a significant gain of 1.8%. However, India’s market faced a slight setback, slipping by 0.2%.

In Europe, the markets showed a mixed bag of results at midday. London exhibited a modest uptick of 0.1%, while Paris experienced a minor decline of 0.2%. Frankfurt also witnessed a slight dip of 0.1%, adding to the overall uncertainty among European investors.

That said, the latest financial report from the U.S. economy’s various sectors shows that the economy is showing signs of strong resilience. The banking sector delivered a better-than-expected Q2 earnings report. However, the U.S. market and financial experts see that if the Fed keeps raising interest rates at their current level, this will create market raccoons in the future. At the same time, the U.S. regulators are pushing for the green light for their so-called Base III endgame. $100 billion in assets that will allow banks to increase their capital requirements and therefore receive more financial support.

This move is expected to result in a 16% increase in common equity tier 1 capital requirements for the affected companies. The largest and most complex banks are expected to be the most affected by this change. While some may view this as a potential roadblock for the industry, others may see it as a necessary measure to ensure the stability and safety of the financial sector.

In the news of the U.S. premarket moves, today’s biggest moves were as follows:

  • Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) stock rose 6.5% on a surprise profit report, with PC chip sales performing better than expected.
  • Ford stock fell 1% after projecting $4.5 billion in losses from electric vehicles, despite better-than-expected Q2 results.
  • ExxonMobil stock was down by 0.2% due to lower Q2 profits from declining natural gas prices.
  • Chevron stock fell 0.8% after the company announced a conservative annual production forecast.
  • Procter & Gamble stock increased 1.7% on strong sales for cleaning products and household goods.
  • Roku stock soared 9.6% with market-beating Q2 results and a positive Q3 revenue forecast.

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