The Federal Reserve will soon lift interest rates. an the stock market is reading to the news

Federal Reserve will soon lift interest rates

The Federal Reserve will soon lift interest rates.

The Federal Reserve Chairman announced that the Fed would soon be increasing interest rates. The announcement had a major effect on the stock market’s trades and prices, including oil prices.

By Wednesday, Wall Street had logged the following results:

Last Tuesday, the computer giant Microsoft rose by 5%. That boosted the tech stocks, it increased by 0.2% to 13.830.38 points. Experts forecast that even if the tech stocks rebound, it won’t be anywhere near 0.2%. However, the Nasdaq heavyweight outperformed all expectations, rebounding hours after two weeks of underperformance.

After releasing the federal announcement, the S&P index dipped by 0.2%, and that’s as of Wednesday morning in the New York stock exchange market. Same effect on the Dow Jones futures, which experienced a minor fall estimated to be 0.4%. The Federal Reserve chairman noted that inflation surges are slightly worse compared to November and December’s surges.

The 10-year Treasury yield shot up nine basis points to 1.86%, and Wall Street also recorded a change in currency prices, including the US dollar, Euro, and Japanese yen.

The US dollar rose 0.5% on Wednesday, while the European euro fell 0.5% to £1,241 per dollar. The Japanese yen also fell by 0.6% to 114,59 per dollar.

According to our observations, raising interest rates appears to help tech stocks recover and cover their losses. The Nasdaq tech stocks have had mixed results for the last 4 weeks since December, due to the fast spread of the Omicron variant and the decrease in consumer buying confidence.

Other stocks underperformed this Wednesday as a result of the uncertain investor position regarding the expected interest lifts. 

The gold futures in the commodities sector fell by 1.9%, so it is now worth $1819.20 per ounce, and that’s as of Wednesday morning.

The Federal Reserve’s rate hikes result in oil declines.

The Federal Reserve has already confirmed that it will start its first internet hikes by March, considering other factors. The Federal chairman assumes that if all is in order and the U.S. economy does not experience any surprising effects, then the Fed will initiate its first interest hike. 

The oil index fell four hours after the release of the Federal chairman’s announcement. Experts say that is the first fall after a seven-year high. There is also the Ukrainian crisis that plays a significant role in commodity prices and the Wall Street index as well. Because of the recent Ukrainian crisis, tension is high between Russia and the U.S.

Investors’ appetite for carrying risks has dipped, and fears about the effects of the Ukrainian crisis are rising among economists. On top of that, concerns about the ability of the Federal Reserve to reduce inflation are under question. Inventors have mixed feelings about the March interest hike. The White House speakers agree that this is the right approach to prevent any further inflation surges. 

The inflation rate is at its highest level since 1982, which includes energy prices. Experts say that the commodity secretary and the angry sectors are suffering from a supply shortage. That explains the decline and the price hike in some sense. Because of the recent events and announcements, such as the Ukrainian crisis and the expected interest rate hike in March,

There is a possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, which would most likely have a significant and negative impact on supply capabilities. Global supply is already dealing with a supply shortage as a result of inflation surges and labor shortages due to the Omicron spread. If this happened and the Ukrainian crisis developed into a dangerous and international crisis, this could multiply the supply shortage and crash the energy prices as well.

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